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About Me

I live on a small pocket of land on the Isle of Arran.  I am constantly inspired by the stunning lanscapes and the plants that share the island with me.  I create textile & mixed media art for exhibition.  I am a trained teacher and have worked in all sectors. I was a principal lecturer in performing arts for many years before retraining in visual art in my late 30s.


I grow some of my own food and also flowers & herbs that I use in my Etsy product range and my classes.  I am also a practising Buddhist and meditation teacher.   

The Still Mind Studio


The still mind studio embodies my creative practice. Drawing on my meditation practice I have created a studio practice that aims to speak to my wellbeing.  I share my practice through my classes and digital workbooks.  From time to time I offer online creative retreats where we can come together to explore a range of creative journeys that ease our minds.  I also published digital workbook focusing on how we might set up and work with a still mind studio.  

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