Brand new 52 Stitched Stories journey

I finished my 52 Stitched Stories journey at the end of 2019 but I missed it in 2020 so I have decided to go again. This time I am taking the theme of 'to recover & heal' as a guide to my emerging narratives. I am also journaling my way through the experience. I have become quite fascinated by the language of stitch. I always start a new project with an 'image gather' just to get me into the right space. In that page, somewhere, are the nuggets of ideas for my year ahead. As in 2019 nature will be a recurring theme because it is how I am getting through this challenging time. Spending time in and with nature is a vital part of my wellbeing. I am also absorbing slowness in my work so if a piece takes me longer than a week I will make less postcards and that sits well with me.

My second page in my journal shares the duality of lockdown living. On the one hand I have been home, a place I love. On the other hand I have felt restricted and distracted by a need for more personal freedom. These feelings ebb and flow.....

The third page(s) is so typical of me. I sometimes overthink and then struggle to focus. When this happens I need to strip back to the basics, I began with a painting depicting the changing seasons mindful that it will be almost a year since this sad story began. Then I overcomplicated it and got lost.....So I picked out two colours and played with them. Back to an idea that if stitching could speak, what would it say?

I created a postcard with constant changes of direction as this has been one of the challenges of lockdown living. We just get used to one set of rules and then it all changes again. In the centre is my golden space which is my garden where I have spent a year watching the birds flying through and away. I need to take flight with them. One day.

Fiona xx

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