A worthy dialogue

Lots of folk ask me what to do with their postcards when they have finished their challenge. We all find our own way with this. Some make them into books while others frame them or make them into wallhangings. Just occasionally, members decide to auction or sell them for charity. At Stitched Stories we are always happy to support members taking this route.

Gaelle finished her journey at the end of last year and she would like to sell them with all funds going to Crisis. Like some other members, Gaelle took her challenge into a different medium and painted her way through her journey. These beautiful painted postcards are now for sale on her fundraising page and can also be seen on her instagram page . This is what Gaelle has to say -

'My birthday is approaching! I am inviting you to join me for a very special event

I have just launched a fundraising page for @crisis_uk where you can donate £20 to the charity and receive one of my beautifully soothing, handpainted postcards. All proceeds will go to Crisis.

The link to the fundraising page is HERE. If you cannot donate, please share the fundraising page with as many people as you can to spread the word. Thank you so much for your support! '

Crisis UK state - 'Together, we have been able to support over 5,000 homeless people during the coronavirus outbreak by providing temporary accommodation, food, mobile phones, and more. While many of these measures are temporary, it proves that we can come together in extraordinary ways to end homelessness. But the lack of long term solutions means this progress could be undone. As we come out of lockdown, let’s not go “back to normal.'

I hope we can come together as a community and support Gaelle by either purchasing or sharing her story. Wishing Gaelle every success with her appeal. Thank you x

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