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I am excited to be launching my Patreon site on the 1st September 2022.  The aim of this site is to draw together folk who are inspired by nature and the shifting seasons. Together we will forage, gather & process natural finds before making beautiful and everlasting art.  We shall also engage in some lovely crafting moments to continually feed our creativity.  I am a simple girl so there will only be one membership tier and that way we shall all be in the same place.  Each month will revolve around the live zoom class which will be recorded for those that can't make it or those that don't do zoom.  


The mixed media class will draw on the season to explore creative trails that we can then all follow for the remainder of that month.  I will be sharing A LOT of content on my Patreon site in preference to my social network sites which, for me, have lost their shine.  

You can access the content at a time and depth that suits you.  You can pop in and out (Patreon includes a chat facility) as your time and interest dictates.  However, for those that want a bigger commitment I am offering a year long portfolio option for no extra charge.  The aim will be to create a portfolio of creative work that identifies and strengthens our unique creative voices.  At the end of the year (September 2023) you will be offered the chance to exhibit a piece of two in a virtual gallery on my website.  

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