Creative Mentoring

This is new for 2022 and responds to requests from people I have met along my creative journey.  I only began to concentrate on my world of art at the age of 38.  I retrained from dance to art and a whole new world opened up.  I am a teacher by trade and have taught all ages across many disciplines.  My teaching in art has been one of my favourite episodes.  In particular, I love working with people who want to find their own authentic creative voice.  I work alongside them and provide a creative tool kit that is capable of awakening their own creative voice.  I am also a meditation teacher and, in recent years, have brought my creative and meditation worlds together. So, I am now opening up my practice to offer a one to one or small group mentoring opportunity.


These sessions are via zoom and at times that suit us both.  If you think I can help with your creative voice or even a particular creative project I would love to work with you.  Just contact me and we can arrange a session.  All sessions are £10.00 per person and last approximately an hour.  I will send you a payment request once we have booked the session.   

An exercise in Capturing the Quiet Months 1
Fiona Doubleday - sample for Forage Class_