Community Arts Project

Stitched Stories is a community arts project that offers lots of opportunities to get involved.  We have a 52 Stitched Stories challenge whereby members stitch a postcard a week for 52 weeks (or as many as life allows).  Many people have already completed this journey as this project began in 2019 but, every year, we get new people joining.  You can see an exhibition of some of the work HERE.

We have now introduced a second stitching challenge - seasonal slow stitch project.  This involves a snippet roll per season and more information can be found HERE.  

Seasonal Slow Stitching Project-2.jpeg

"52 Stitched stories has been a god send to me. It has given me a place to share my work, new friends & helped me keep my head up & not give up I’ve had loads of fun in this group & it’s affiliated groups. Thanks to the creators of this group for all the great work xx"

- Elizabeth P