52 Stitched Stories - a community arts project

52 Stitched Stories is a project that focuses on postcard art. The aim is to stitch a postcard once a week for 52 weeks or as many as life allows.  We use the word 'stitch' very loosely to include crafts like weaving, felting, knitting etc.  Some makers have also taken the idea into their own medium.  The postcards create your own narrative so any gaps are just part of your year.  Everyone is welcome to join us and we have a rolling start.  Whenever you finish your first postcard is your week one.  

In the autumn of 2020 two 52 Stitched Stories groups came together to exhibit their work at The Barony Centre.  


Groups haven't been able to meet face to face for some time but some have kept in touch with each other using virtual communication. You don't need to be in a group to be part of 52 Stitched Stories, most people are in the project as individuals.  If you want to start your own group we are always available to offer support.  


"I have found 52 Stitched Stories to be the most comfortable place to be online, while my usual group activities and access to workshops have been curtailed during the pandemic I have been able to interact with members here in a very relaxed and informal way. There’s nothing you HAVE to do, but lots that you want to do and everyone is encouraged to take part at whatever level they are comfortable with. These are strange times and I’d be a very lonely lady without my daily dip into 52 Stitched Stories!"

-Fiona E