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Welcome to Fiona D Artisan - Artist, Teacher, Mentor

I live on the isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.  I am a textile artist & meditation teacher and, in recent years, I have brought these two worlds together.   I also run a large community stitching project - Stitched Stories & Wellbeing.    In my own practice I create work for exhibitions & also teach classes.     I have an Etsy Store where I sell handmade items & digital products.  In September 2022 I began a seasonal Patreon project.  


Buried Bundle Textile Experiment

Join us in our 'Buried Bundles' Textile Experiment from the beginning of October to the end of November 2022.  Full instructions on how to prepare your bundle to bury at in the pdf below.  We will be sharing images of the results at the end of November as well as sharing stitching projects that develop from this experiment.  No need to sign up anywhere, just try and bury your bundle in the FIRST week of October and dig up in the LAST week of November. Sharing will be in our sharing space on Facebook - One Stitch at a Time.