Welcome to Fiona D Artisan


This is the place for my own practice AND my community project Stitched Stories & Wellbeing.  

I am a textile artist and meditation teacher and, in recent years, I have brought these two worlds together in a practice I call 'The Still Mind Studio.' 

Stitched Stories began in 2018 as a 52 week challenge to create a stitched postcard every week, or as many as life allows.  The idea quickly spread and is now in 24 countries around the world.  During the past, difficult times, stitched stories has grown into a huge project that now runs several community stitching opportunities.  In November 2021 we began another year long challenge - seasonal snippet rolls and more information can be found HERE.


On this site you will find our academy with links to all our classes and courses and a link to our Store.   

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